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Statutory damages in the amount of $14,300,000.00 was awarded to CHANEL by a United States District Court. The former owners and operators of the store, CHANEL SHOPS, was ordered by the Court to pay the over $14 million immediately, while simultaneously closing down the store, for selling and offering for sale replica Chanel products.


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CHANEL handbags are luxurious and a dream of anyone with an appreciation for fashion. Women and men all over the world, especially the ones that love fashion, are always out and about shopping for the next best staple for their wardrobe.

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With good reason, many questions arise regarding Chanel goods that are imitated due to the often very low standards set during the counterfeiting process of illegal products. Chanel replica sunglasses are often not shatterproof and do not provide customers with UV protection. Furthermore, replica Chanel handbags cannot be made with quality leather for the price it's being sold at. Replica leather products may be infused with harsh chemicals, regardless of the replica designer wholesaler or retailer. Rarely if ever is the information about the safety or materials being used in a fake made available to the buyer. The degree of misinformation is high and access to details about the exact materials and processes are often practically none. Many, if not all, sites that sell replica Chanel keep their information hidden. You may find that getting specifics from replica sellers is generally impossible, where information about the product and even the seller is kept hidden. Hence, it is not recommended that you trust sites that are selling any imitation designer goods.

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