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Statutory damages in the amount of $14,300,000.00 was awarded to CHANEL by a United States District Court. The former owners and operators of the store, CHANEL SHOPS, was ordered by the Court to pay the over $14 million immediately, while simultaneously closing down the store, for selling and offering for sale replica Chanel products.


Different Ways to Spot Fake Chanel Bags

CHANEL handbags are of the highest in quality designer bags in the world. But when shopping online, one of the greatest challenges could be to decipher the real from the fake. It can get a bit confusing sometimes. But there are many different ways to spot fake Chanel bags. The following contains just a few of the many things you should be watching out for when in the market for a real CHANEL bag.

  • The CC's - One of the dead giveaways of Chanel replicas is the way the CC appears. The left C always overlaps on the bottom, and the right C always overlaps on the top. If they are not overlapping in the proper manner, it is probably a replica product. The specific curviture of the C and its dimensions in relation to the other C could also be visibly obvious in a replica. So when you can see the difference in the CC's, the bag is likely to be a fake.
  • Authenticity Card - Just because the bag comes with an authenticity card does not necessarily signify it as an authentic. As much of an oxymoron as it sounds, counterfeiters produce fake authenticity cards. One of the ways to spot fake Chanel bags through the card is the cheap rainbow effect. Real CHANEL authenticity cards will not have the hologram, multi-colored, shiny look. Another way to determine a fake card is the lettering graphics often are faded and made of flimsy material. The information on a real card are printed perfectly straight and have a density similar to a credit card. One of the most common ways to size up a replica is that there are misspellings here and there. Any one of these clues should bring about the suspicion that the card is a fake.
  • Questionable Quilting - The quilted pattern on classic CHANEL bags stay consistent over the entire bag. When the bag is opened or when it’s closed, and when looking at where outside pockets are attached, the quilting should maintain a consistent diamond pattern all around the handbag. Mismatched quilting is an indicator of a fake.
  • Tarnishing - Chanel replicas have a tendency of tarnishing. This of probably one of the easier ways to spot fake Chanel bags. Checking the zippers, studs, clasps, buckles, and most importantly, the chains on the straps may reveal tell-tale signs of wear, peeling, or discoloration in a replica. The chains on the straps are a great big giveaway because that’s the area that gets handled the most.
  • The Leather Feel - The soothing feel of embossed pebbled leather is what you would experience with the leather of an authentic bag. If the feeling is smooth, rough or flat, chances are that the bag is a fake. The leather should also have a unique, organic pattern. A Chanel replica is likely to have a repeating pattern.
  • Inside Label - When taking a look at the labels make sure to look at the label on the inside of the purse. It’s usually located on the outside of the pocket inside the bag. Make sure the text and label is parallel to the top of the pocket, and that it’s completely centered. If the text is not parallel, faint in printing, contains misspellings, or all of the above, it is probably a fake.
  • It's All In The Details - Every detail of authentic CHANEL is attended to. Details of each and every aspect in a CHANEL piece enhance the luxury and beauty that CHANEL is reknowned for. Replicas often neglect the details to the point of even being sloppy.

Replica Chanel products are not worth the investment of your time and money. When it comes to pure design and high quality, there really is no comparison between the real and the fake.

To be safe, stick to shopping at the official CHANEL website,, and at any of the CHANEL boutiques.